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Job 49002 - Personal Trainer, Mechanicsville, VA

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Job Details

Location: Mechanicsville, VA
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Personal Trainer
Objective:  To motivate, encourage, and plan exercise routines in order to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals. To maximize revenues of personal training by maintaining a consistant full-time client base.
Reports to:  Fitness Director
Game Plan:
1. Arrive 5 minutes early dressed in appropriate uniform and prepared for client.
2. Choose goal specific exercise for each client.
3. Set up clients with safe and effective exercise programs.
4. Motivate each client to achieve their goals by giving them undivided attention and changing their exercise program.
5. Instruct clients on proper technique on all equipment.
6. Promote personal training within the club through new member orientations, and consultations through club guidelines.
7. Conduct and schedule personal training appointments, fitness assessments, and consultations through club guidelines.
8. Start and end appointments on time.
9. Keep a written or digital record of client's workous for safety and liability.
10. Maintain company personal training tier expectations.
11. Keep company accepted PT certification current and obtain appropriate continuing education credits per certification guidelines.
12. Provide cients with updated fitness techniques adn knowledge by attending seminars, acquiring national certifications, and reading trade manuals.
13. Observe fitness are to ensure member safety and enforce all rules and regulations.
14. Attend mandatory department meetings.
15. Promote all club events and activities to members.
16. Periodically assess current clients to assure satisfaction with their training program.
17. Maintain and clean the fitenss equipment and fitness area.


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