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Job 48715 - Membership Director , Mechanicsville, VA

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Job Details

Location: Mechanicsville, VA
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

The Primary function of the Membership Director is to sell health club memberships by selling the benefits of health and fitness to all prospective members.
1. Generate new sales for the club through prospecting.
2. Providing effective membership tours to prospects.
3. Retention of current members.
4. Providing exceptional service to all members in relation to club policies and inquiries.
5. Executing contracts properly.
1. The primary objective of the Membership Director is to produce new memberships for the club and meet goals.
2. The secondary objective of the Membership Director is to retain existing members of the club and meet renewal goals.
1. Good administrative and computer skills   
2. Effective communication skills
3. Knowledge of product or service
4. Ability to build rapport
5. Self motivation
6. Integrity
7. Resourcefulness
8. Professionalism


1. To provide effective membership tours to prospective members and guests, determining their needs and wants and matching those needs and wants with an appropriate membership.
2. Follow up with those who do not join today within 24 hours by phone and/or written correspondence.
3. When not touring, generate new sales leads through prospecting - continue to work with current leads, member referrals, old leads, lead boxes, etc.  You are expected to make a minimum of 50 phone calls per day and have a minimum of 7 appointments daily including phone numbers.  Collect an average of 3 referrals per new member sale.
4. Make approximately 10 calls per day to current members to stay in touch and assist with member retention.
5. Listen to and read relevant sales materials as well as attend and participate in weekly sales meetings to enhance performance.
6. Meet and exceed goals monthly and maintain employment.  Your monthly sales and renewals goals equal the club goal divided by the number of current sales team members.
7. Complete all membership paperwork accurately and promptly.
8. Complete membership sales reports/production sheets accurately and submit.
9. Work as a team member on the management staff to provide a high level of customer service to members, inspiration and leadership to staff, and assist in directing the flow of the club for smooth and profitable operation.  Management responsibility includes, but is not limited to, overseeing staff and club operations when management is not present, effectively handling member situations, freezes, questions, concerns, etc.
10. Participate and assist in the planning and implementation of all promotions.
11. Schedule to equal a minimum of 40 hours per week.
12. Uphold all policies at all times including but not limited to:  company handbook, guest policies, rules of the UPS list, rules of the team set forth in sales meeting past and future, etc.
13. Adequate knowledge of all equipment, activities, group exercise classes, kids programs, etc. General knowledge of fitness and its benefits.
14. Selling by Wandering Around (SBWA) with a purpose.  Have conversations with those you know and introduce yourself to those you do not.
15. Complete renewals daily. 

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